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Top 10 Manga Artists

10. Yutaka Nanten

Is the artist behind the Cowboy bepop manga series. this is a very short spin of series bassed of the Cowboy Bebop animi Series which follows 4 bounty hunters as they try to make ends meat hunting the scrum of the sollar system in a variaty of locations from mars to the far cornors of jupiter. This is more of a fan service manga but is still worth a read for new comers

9. Yuzuka Morita

Is the Artist behind the dot hack gu\\+ manga series. The series is the greatly cut down version of the Dot Hack Gu games. This is manga for diehard hack fans and for anyone reading who has know knowledge of the series would be confusing and scary.

8. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

is the creator of the renouned Neon Genisis Evongelian. A series depecting the next evolution of mankind to none matter beings. the storys main protaganist is Shinji a young boy torn apart from an absance farther and a decised mother. The series is best know for the animi series which came first. The series is dark and compelling and worth a read or watch.

7. Hiromu Arakawa

Is the Creator of the immense series Fullmetal Alchemist. The story of Edward elric and his younger brother Al who are questing for the pholosiphers stone to regain there origanl bodys taken from them by the truth in a horific experiment to reserct the dead mother. FullMetal is an iconic manga for its huge popularity amazing story and stunning artwork. Fullmetal Alchemist is a must have manga.

6. Takeshi Obata

Is the cocreater of the renouned series ‘Death Note’. A tale of light Yagami’s Quest to acheive a perfect world through killing off all evil through out the deep dark cornors of the world, the story also depicts the mental battle which is undertaken between him and the worlds number one detective L who is Searching for any of lights slipups to bring him to justice. How is light killing all evil you might ask? By using the Death Note. An exectuners tool of the Deathgods. A Device which only requires you to know someones name a face to kill by simply righting there name down. Death note is a gripping Phycological rollacoster of a story winning countless awards for its origanilty and its indepth and detailed art work.

5. Kouta Hirano

Is the creator of the Hellsing series. Begining way back in 1995 and finaly finishing english reales in 2009. Hellsing is a unieque a manga mainly for the auther writing the story and drawing the enteraty of the manga by himself. this should be next to imposible. The reason why i hear you ask? well for hellsings incredably detailed artwork and action packed story. The story of hellsing involves The hellsing organisation and there main weapon of mass destruction Alucard as they protect her majastys boarders from nazi vampiers and the invadeing catholic army. Need i say any more about the story? This manga is a must have even if you dont enjoy the usale manga concept.

4. Masashi Kishimoto

Is the genius behind Naruto. Naruto Is curently the worlds number one Manga in popularity. The complex story and charature development has won Masashi Kishimoto many awards over the 11 year of puplication.  The story of naruto is a coming of age story following the adventures of Naruto a boy who was infused with the spirtit of the nine taled demon fox soon after his birth. Naruto’s artwork has progressed as the series has advanced on but is still mainly a story heavy manga. Curently depicting the earth shatering realisation that naruto is going to have to kill his childhood friend Saskui After his defection and attempt at assainating the 5 leaders of the world. Naruto’s cleaver story techneques and ellaborate plot twists are awe inspiring. through out the seires Eliments from the early story arcs reapear to either give clarity to a current event or change the direction of the narative completley. Naruto is one of my Favourite manga series and is an Excellent begining manga for anyone wanting to get in on the scene.

3. Katsura Hoshino

Is the crator of the manga Series D-Grayman. A now montly puplication in shonen ganga. The indepth art work ats a much needed atmasphere for the gripping store she presents within D-Grayman. Set at the end of the 19th centuary the popes army ‘The Black order’ are engaded in a bitter secret war with the melinum earl and his army of demonic machines known as akuma. The elements of the story backed up with biblical refrences and key pointess of history gives D-Grayman an unique refreshing feel with its complex story and art work.

2. Tite Kubo

Creator of the popular manga series Bleach. Bleach follows a close formula set out from dragonball involving the shingami’s war with the rebale captain Aizen and his army of hollows. Tite Kubo Curently holds the title of second most popular ongoing manga series in the world with regular realeases in weekly jump magazine.

1. Akira Toriyama

Creator of Dragonball and DragonballZ Akira Toriyama work has a cult following and has set the standard and formula of how a typical shonen manga works. Vertually all modern day manga involve at aleast one eliment or idea Akira Toriyama realised for his Dragonball series. Toriyama’s captivating story and deep charature development gives him the number one spot on my top ten.


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